Shopping List 4

This list was bought mainly at Morrisons, with a few items bought at Asda (marked "a" in the list). Prices will vary, but will still come out about the £25 budget. The items marked with an asterisk * were items that were on offer at the time. Have a good look around the store and see if you can source offers and, if you find anything, let me know and I'll publicise it on my facebook page.

2 Mackerel fillets                           £2.38
Chicken legs and thighs               £2.29
4 Pork steaks                                £3.78
Bacon                                            £1.64 *
Lamb shoulder fillet                      £2.88

4 large tomatoes                          £0.96
Frozen sweetcorn                         £1.75
Pack apples                                  £1.00
Cabbage                                       £0.73
3 courgettes                                  £1.00
6 baking potatoes                         £0.60

Milk, pint                                        £0.48
Cous cous                                     £0.61
Brown rice                                     £1.25
Coconut cream                             £0.43 a
Cheese, 400g                               £1.97 *
Plain flour, 1.5kg                           £0.57 *
All purpose seasoning                 £0.62 a

Total                                              £24.96

Apple Pudding