Shopping List 1

All you need for the whole week's shopping is listed here. Unlike other "budget" shopping lists, I do not assume you already have bits and pieces like seasoning, cooking oil, butter etc. Everything that is on this list is all you will need to cook seven days' worth of family dinners - and come in at under £25.

The list comprises items I actually bought at the local supermarkets and I have put alongside each item  the price I paid. The "m" denotes Morrisons and the "a" means Asda. But by all means shop around and look hard at the goods you are buying. By the way, you do not have to buy the supermarkets' own brands or their economy ranges - just keep your eyes peeled for good value and special offers. You can come in under budget!


1 whole chicken                                £3.50 m
800g minced beef                            £2.00 m
Whole turkey leg                               £3.99 m


White cabbage                                £0.64 m
Pack onions                                     £0.55 m
Garlic bulb                                        £0.40 m
Thyme                                               £0.79 a
Carrots, pack                                   £0.45 m
Potatoes, pack                                £0.60 m
Flat beans                                        £1.39 m
Pears, pack                                     £1.00 m

1kg long grain rice                          £1.23 m
Dried pasta shapes                        £0.54 m
Tinned tomatoes x2                        £0.78 m
Vegetable oil, 1 litre                       £1.10 m
Table salt, 150g                              £0.27 m
All purpose seasoning                   £0.69 a
Plain flour, 1kg                                £0.52 m
6 medium eggs                               £1.43 m
Cornflour                                          £0.43 m
Green pesto                                    £1.03 m
Milk, 2pt semi skimmed                 £0.86 m
Baking spread                                £0.49 m
Sugar                                               £0.65 a

Total £24.69

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