Shopping List 5

Week 5 Shopping List

All you need for the whole week's shopping is listed here. Everything that is on this list is all you will need to cook seven days' worth of family dinners - and come in at around £25. The 'm' means this shop was at Morrisons supermarket, with items denoted 's' from Sainsbury. However, you should be able to come in at around this budget whether your  shop takes place at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons or similar. 

M = morrisons
S = sainsbury


Whole turkey leg                       £4.00 m
400g minced beef                    £0.97 s
Fish (Sainsbury basics)           £1.68 s
Chipolata sausages                 £2.00 s
Boneless shoulder lamb          £3.00 s
Bacon, pack                              £1.00 s

400g mushrooms                     £0.89 s

Fresh pineapple                       £1.00 s
Celeriac                                    £0.69 s
Frozen green beans                £1.00 s
Broccoli                                     £0.98 s
Potatoes                                    £1.00 m
4 tomatoes                                £0.78 s
Kidney beans                            £0.27 m

Fresh double cream, 300g      £0.95 s
Butter                                         £0.86 m
Tomatoes, chopped, tin          £0.39 m
Wine, 175ml                             £1.59 m
Milk, 1 pt                                   £0.45 m
Eggs                                         £1.46 m

Total £24.96