Friday, 29 April 2011

8.5 Friday
Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese


400g Mince
One Onion
2 Carrots
2sp seasoning
Garlic, clove
Thyme, sprig
Half a tin of chopped tomatoes
Wine, splash
Hot water
Spaghetti for 4
Cheese (optional)


Place the mince in a pan - no oil - and fry until the meat separates and turns brown/grey and all the fat from the meat has escaped.

Pour or spoon the oil into a non-plastic bowl and put it to one side to cool and solidify. Do not pour hot oil down your sink. When it is cool you can scrape it straight into your bin.

Place a pan of water on the hob to boil ready for the pasta.

Roughly dice the onion, carrots and chop the garlic clove. Add to the meat along with your sprig of thyme and 2sp of seasoning.

Add half a tin of tomatoes and a splash of wine. Pour half a pint of hot water into the mix, cover with a lid and leave to simmer.

Pour the pasta into the boiling water.

Taste the meat - add a little more seasoning if you need to.

Serve the mince with the pasta in four good size bowls. If you have some to hand, a gentle sprinkling of cheese will set this dish off a treat.


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