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Cheese & Spinach Gnocchi

Cheese & Spinach Gnocchi


Potatoes, 2 large
Egg yolks, 2
6sp Plain Flour
Spinach, half bag
Red Peppers, 2
Ripe Tomatoes, 2
1sp seasoning
1 sp cooking oil
Savoy Cabbage
4 Mushrooms
Celeriac, quarter, cubed
Butter, knob
Cheese, grated 2oz


Place the potatoes in a microwave and bake.

In the meantime, put 1sp of cooking oil into a small pan on a low heat.

Chop up the tomatoes and peppers. Place them together into the pan. Allow them to very gently cook together and do not worry if the pepper burns - it adds extra favour.

Stir in the seasoning, turn the heat down, put a lid on and leave to simmer.

Scoop the filling out of the baked potatoes and leave to cool.

Place the celeriac cubes into water and cook for about 10 minutes.

Slice the mushrooms and fry gently in a little knob of butter.

Mix together the egg yolks, mashed potato, flour, cheese and chopped spinach to form a fairly dry dough.

Use your hands to roll the dough into a long sausage shaped dough and slice into bite size pieces.

Put into a pot of boiling water and cook for 4 minutes.

Prepare the cabbage.

Use a potato masher to squash down the tomato and pepper 
sauce and serve your dish.

This recipe appears in the Vegetarian shopping list 

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